Top 5 Budget (Best) Entry-Level DSLR FOR BEGINNERS

Hey Readers !

In my previous article I have told you the ultimate beginners guide for buying a DSLR and also told you guys that I would get you the list for best top Five Budget DSLR for beginners (specially in India).

Well there are many great options of cameras in the market to buy but I have shortlisted the “five” as per my experience and also I have owned one of these and used some of these.  I have made it very simpler for you guys specially, so hope in and see the following list.

  • NIKON D3400
    Nikon d3400
    NIKON D3400                courtesy NIKON INDIA

    This is probably the best Entry-Level DSLR that has the best features under the budget of 35000 INR. This is not the cheapest one but the latest in technology.  I strongly recommend this to be the first choice of beginners and will learn a lot through this Piece of beauty. It has a 24 Mega Pixel sensor, with shutter speed of 1/4000, ISO range is from 100-25600, it has 11 Focus Points and Speed of 5 FPS(Frames per Second).

  • NIKON D5300
    Nikon d5300
    NIKON D5300                 courtesy NIKON INDIA

    This is another great Camera. It is the successor of D5000 which was the first in its segment in terms of tremendous features and with a screen to rotate. This also has the same features with new technology but not in a great budget area. This could be purchased in about 40k INR but still if yoou have this kind of budget this is the one to go for.It has a 24 Mega Pixel sensor, with shutter speed of 1/4000, ISO range is from 100-25600, it has 39 Focus Points and Speed of 5 FPS(Frames per Second).


  • CANON EOS 1300d / REBEL T6 
    Canon EOS 1300d              Courtesy CANON INDIA

     Here comes the REBEL from the canon family and with seriously a great budget around 25000 INR and this the cheapest in the list so far. It does not have that amount of features as Nikon has to offer and also the specs are not great either! but yes i would have to say with this amount of budget one can easily afford to experience the pleasure of a DSLR and learn Photography with it. With 18 Mega Pixel sensor, 9 Focus points, shutter speed of 1/4000 max , providing with 3 FPS and ISO ranges from 100-12800.

  • CANON EOS 200d / REBEL SL2 
    Canon EOS 200d             courtesy CANON INDIA

    Another Entry from the Canon and with a little higher budget around 40k makes it affordable and also provides some great features in the segment. With the new technology to consider, this is one good choice from Canon. Also called the REBEL SL2 comes with 24 Mega Pixel sensor, 9 Focus Points, Great 5 Frames per second speed, ISO ranges from 100-25600 and shutter speed of 1/4000 max. For a Canon fan this is a great entry level choice.

  • SONY SLT – a58 
    SONY SLT – a58              courtesy SONY INDIA

    Well I personally think that this is one of the best entry level DSLT (different than DSLR) in the segment. With some great and different technology unlike DSLR that bounce the light from mirror to sensor, it actually has a translucent mirror and lets the light pass through it. It has its own advantage and disadvantage but I have this beauty and it really performs well in terms of Image quality and everything you expect from a camera. It offers 20 Mega Pixel Image, 15 Focus points, 5 frames per second and 8 in Burst mode, Shutter Speed 1/4000 max and ISO ranges from 100-25600. moreover this not the cheapest but not the highest in the Entry Level Cameras. With a budget of 30k INR you can own one.

These are the best budget DSLR you can find in the market and also provides best features. I also put these on the list because of the brand value, each of these brands (NIKON, CANON, SONY) have high service values and have globally established if there is a need for service. Like i always say, don’t hesitate to start practising photography, despite take a step ahead and do it. ENJOY life

Thank you


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