Beginners guide to choose and buy your FIRST perfect DSLR

Hey readers,

Hope you are doing well.

Today I would like you to give a very simple and better view to buy your first ever DSLR.

Most of the people these days are just buying Dslr (Digital Single lens Reflex) without even thinking of the purpose for buying that model of camera!

well I will give you a brief knowledge on what factors you must see before choosing a DSLR and making a right choice.

  • PURPOSE – Many people buy a DSLR without having a purpose! well i must tell you if you know what kind of photography you are going to do with camera, it will be easier for you to know which camera from the market you are suppose to buy. this could be a Landscape Photography, Bird Photography, Portraits, Night(low – light) photography etc.
  • BRAND – People are very brand specific, take it in Indian or Globally, people love to buy branded things even if they cost then a good dime. This is the scenario with the camera world as well! But for some reasons getting a good brand camera will be having some great benefits with it. no matter what getting a camera from NIKON, CANON, SONY etc are providing you a great deal of services, Specially in India. So rather buying from any other company which has less market in the region is going to cost you more in the long run. I would also suggest to buy a DSLR form Nikon and Canon.
  • LENS – I think the most important reason to buy a DSLR over a compact camera is the ” Interchangeable Lens ” system! yes we all know that a DSLR has this feature, (everybody knows that) !! but this is the biggest advantage in a DSLR which gives you the freedom to change from one lens to another according to the needs and the purpose. you cant do it with the compact cameras! One of the biggest reasons to buy your First DSLR. So you must know which kind of lens will solve your purpose and also will help you to choose the desired camera.
  • FEATURES – Well nowadays, many features are been provided with the camera that we did not use to have back then! Having features like WiFi, Direct sharing to the social site etc are the prominent main features in these camera. Touch screen is also getting popular nowadays. do look at the features, and I mean the specific features that you would love to have in hand when you do photography. Also look at the ISO range if you are interested in Night Photography, look for high shutter speed camera so as to capture sports or fast moving things (FPS), and also the Pixels for the Image size. (Quality of image does not depend on the pixels but the sensor capturing those pictures!)

For the fellow readers who don’t have any idea of DSLR , this article will definitely help you to shape your decision for buying a new DSLR.

I will be covering each topic in depth in future articles. But for the time being just buy a new camera and get into the world of photography and explore things through the camera’s viewfinder.

And if you really wish to own a DSLR, then i would say just do it! life is short guys so do explore things before its too late. Who knows you might end up in pursuing photography as your passion and profession. Just go out there and make the world a better place with your photographs.

In the next topic I would be covering the top 5 cheapest and entry level cameras for beginners.

top 5 budget best entry level dslr for beginners

Thank you



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