My brief story on Passion !

Hi ! my name is Kartik Sharma. I think of myself as a photographer (most part of me) and an Architect (professional part). I am surely an architect by profession but i have always been a photographer by heart!

Passion is a great force within and i am going to tell my brief experience on that.

For me it is a force that drives me to do (my passion-Photography) every day ! and by this i mean i think about it every single minute! crazy isn’t  it. well don’t know about the others but sure this is in my case. I have never stopped thinking about photography ever since i had my first camera.

My Photography through my phone LG G6. Great phone with great camera

But there are many people who have not tasted a pinch of passion in there lives. For the people who have no idea about it, God oh God !The feeling of doing something  which you are deeply enthusiastic about and love spending time doing it, is like a desire for the opposite sex! yes you heard me, it is that strong desire.

It is the best time of life, best moments , even when people are very impressed with your work and immensely appreciating you.

Like most of the other Indians, time came into my life when i had to leave it for obvious “Indian Reasons”, STUDY! because even in my exams or i would rather say 1 hour before the exam, unlike other children studying, i was clicking photographs!

But i strongly recommend people to find passion and feel the desire within. well with time i started practising photography again because no force can make me leave it.

For the people who had just fallen for their passion, for people who know their passion, i strongly recommend not to leave it for any reason. it will be very disappointing and even a heart break. Always do what you love because the moment you will find your passion it will become a reason for the ultimate power to a positive life and well being.

Thank you guys who read this article. I have kept it simple to read and understand for the children as well so that they get a little idea about passion and when ever they find it they, they must make a way out to pursue it unlike who do not get to pursue it for some reasons.

Thanks again.

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My Wonderful Photographic journey with my smartphone LG G6



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